Deconstructing the ActionScript 3 Flash video gallery application

June 2009

Software & Technologies

Flash Pro, ActionScript 3.0, Video Template, Web Video, Web Design


The ActionScript 3 Flash video gallery has been a popular application since it was first developed as a marketing piece for Macromedia Flash Professional 8. As an ongoing exploration of the video gallery application, we’ve refined the template into a set of sample files that you can explore and use as a jumping-off point in your own work.


This article covers the update for Adobe Flash CS4 Professional. The sample files contain the Flash CS4 FLVPlayback component with expanded accessibility features and a simplified project structure.

Updates to the video gallery include:

  • Refined ActionScript 3 code structure
  • Simplified FLA file and document library structure
  • Updated FLVPlayback component with Accessibility
  • Feature initialization through URL variables
  • Ability to launch a video detail view during initialization
  • Ability to play streaming of progressive videos
  • Ability to play MPEG-4 and FLV file formats (Flash Player 9.0.115 and later)
  • Complete skinning control over branding and design (easier access)
  • Highlight state for selected thumbnail video
  • Debug mode and problem solving notes