Dreamweaver CC Mobile App Design with PhoneGap

February 2016

Software & Technologies

Dreamweaver CC 2015, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, Mobile Design


Check out Dan’s latest course with Train Simple, where you’ll explore the world of PhoneGap, from a Dreamweaver user’s perspective. In this course, Dan guides you through developing an HTML5 mobile app in Adobe Dreamweaver using the PhoneGap framework. First, you’ll learn about the different forms of mobile development and the benefits of each. Next, Dan reviews all the features built into Dreamweaver for mobile development. Finally, you’ll build a mobile app from a Photoshop mockup (see Fig 1) and test the app on a mobile device.


Fig 1: The Photoshop mockup for the project

Along the way, you’ll start your projects with template files generated with Adobe PhoneGap Desktop, then you’ll customize the template using jQuery Mobile widgets and JavaScript in Dreamweaver, and in the end you’ll package your app using Adobe PhoneGap Build. (4 hours)


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Dreamweaver CC Mobile App Design with PhoneGap