iOS 8: Ree 2 Released with Custom Keyboard

July 2015

Software & Technologies

Xcode, Objective C, Swift, iOS Custom Keyboard, Messaging, Social Networking


Switch up your keyboard with REE (Really Expressive Emoji’s!), a new, fast, and fun way to express yourself! Choose from a variety of high quality images that are bigger, crisper, and far more expressive than typical Emoji stickers.


Dan leads front end development and UX for the REE (Really Expressive Emojis!) app. Version 2 of the Ree app provides a major upgrade to the sticker app, and the first official release. Ree 2 takes advantage of the iOS 8 custom keyboard extension features. The update includes a new user interface, a custom keyboard available in iMessage, and an expanded set of artwork by top animators and designers.


Ree is built in Xcode, developed in the Apple Developer Program, and published through the Apple Store by MyWeb Software.


Check out Valérie Morency’s artwork:

Check out Isabella Kung’s artwork: