Kayak Banners for Yahoo! and Europe

March 2015

Software & Technologies

ActionScript 3, Flash Pro, Flash Develop, Branded Web Banners, 3D Animation Engine


Dan developed a 3D animation engine used to dynamically build Kayak flip-board banners (2010-present). The project was first implemented on the Kayak “Make a Flippy” page, then packaged as a Flash component to support third-party distribution and ad banner production. Dan produced banners for Hotwire and Yahoo! (see Fig 1). He also created a standard collection of Kayak marketing banners at common industry sizes, and localized components and banners to 8+ European languages.


Fig 1. Flippy banners on Yahoo!

Dan provides ongoing banner development as needed. Recent work includes new banner size variations with standard Kayak branding.


The animation engine can be seen here on the Make a Flippy page: