Ree 1.0 Released to Apple Store

April 2014

Software & Technologies

Xcode, Objective C, Messaging, Sticker Art, Social Networking


Version 1 of the Ree app was released as a messaging prototype designed to test the emoji market. The app includes artwork from a range of top industry animators and artists, including Sam Hood and Robert Valley (see Fig 1).


Fig 1: Expressions from the Monkey, Platypus, and Banana emoji collections

A simple user interface makes using the app easy to use (see Fig 2). Select an avatar collection, select an emoji expression, and send your message to express yourself in a whole new way.


Fig 2: Prototype mockup for the REE 1.0 app

Ree is built in Xcode, developed in the Apple Developer Program, and published through the Apple Store by MyWeb Software.