Ten steps to creating animations for games and web using sprite sheets in Adobe Flash Professional CS6

December 2012

Software & Technologies

Flash Pro, HTML5, Canvas, Sprite Sheets, Animation


Adobe Flash Professional is a great tool for building animations, games, and high-end media delivery. One of the new features in Flash Professional CS6 is the ability to publish an animation to a sprite sheet.


A sprite sheet is single bitmap image containing all the frames of an animation accompanied by a file that describes the coordinates of the frames within the image. One of the advantages of this feature is that you can combine it with Stage3D in Flash Player 11 and higher. Stage3D is a pipeline to the GPU that enables game developers to render 2D and 3D content directly on the graphics card. The result is hardware accelerated performance that runs faster and smoother in browsers, mobile apps, and TVs.


Another advantage of working with a sprite sheet is that you can use Flash to build animations for gaming environments other than Flash. That means that you can deploy your games and animations to any browser that support HTML5.



**This article has been retired along with other Adobe Inspire Magazine content.  (December 2015)