Using Adobe Media Encoder CS5

December 2010

By Peter deHaan and Dan Carr

Software & Technologies

Adobe Media Encoder, Web Video, Web Design, Video Production


Note: This is an update for Adobe Flash Professional CS5 of an older Quick Start tutorial, Using Adobe Media Encoder CS4. If you are still using Flash CS4 Professional, please refer to that version.


Adobe Media Encoder CS5 is a stand-alone video encoding application that lets you encode audio and video in a variety of distribution formats:

  • FLV encoded with the On2 VP6
  • F4V encoded with the H.264 (MPEG-4) codec
  • H.264 video (MP4) encoded with the H.264 (MPEG-4) codec

The FLV and F4V formats let you easily incorporate video into a web page or Flash Professional document in a format that can be viewed using Adobe Flash Player. The H.264 video format lets you create video for use with Apple iPod, 3GPP mobile phones, Sony PSP, and other devices.