Flash OSMF Media Player template

February 2011

Software & Technologies

Flash Pro, ActionScript 3.0, OSMF, Video Component, Templates, Web Video, Web Design


This article provides an overview of a media player template, developed for use with Flash video templates available on the Adobe Developer Connection. The media player takes advantage of the advanced content formatting features of Open Source Media Framework, or OSMF, while presenting an experience familiar to anyone who has worked with the video templates or the FLVPlayback component in Adobe Flash Professional.


The Flash OSMF media player template supports the general list of functionality available in the FLVPlayback, along with the following enhancements:

  • Sequencing videos and content in the display area
  • ActionScript, component parameter, or XML configuration of content
  • Hardware acceleration and HD video with controls in full-screen mode
  • Easy configuration and graphic editing of the supplied controls
  • Sharing using the AddThis menu widget
  • Advanced feature development using the low-level OSMF objects and plug-in architecture

Use the media player on its own and with future video template updates. The following sections review the features of the components and discuss how to use them to play back media in your own projects. (Read more…)